Chicago Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation

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Bathroom Remodeling Services in Chicago, IL

It is a truism in the real estate business that bathrooms (as well as kitchens) sell homes. Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home and will need most of the work when it is time to remodel, whether the intention is to add features and style for the present owners or to upgrade before putting the house on the market.

A nicely appointed, well-designed, and professionally finished bathroom will add value, comfort, and functionality to any home. Captain Rooter is your Chicago bathroom remodeling and renovation team dedicated to providing personalized service with every project.

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What plumbing issues need to be considered?

Emergency Plumbers Chicago ensures your bathroom remodeling project will be completed properly and up to code. Our team will help you analyze what needs to be done to reach your goals. We’ll also be able to predict where potential problems will arise and help you avoid them during the course of the remodel or renovation.

Problems that we will look out for during the project:

  • Improperly installed and sealed piping
  • Water leaks (these can have serious consequences over time, as mold and mildew form and cause health problems and further damage walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings)
  • Damage to existing plumbing lines

Other issues we consider:

  • Will any permanent fixtures be moved? If so, walls and floors must be opened.
  • Is the current plumbing in the house up to code? This is especially an issue in older homes which may have antiquated and damaged plumbing systems.
  • Is the venting adequate and correctly done? It is easy for non-professionals, focused on water, to overlook the importance of airflow in a bathroom, leading to serious problems down the road as a result of dampness and humidity.

Our plumbers will make sure current problems are repaired before any remodeling work begins while also ensuring risk for future issues are kept to a minimum.

Looking to install high efficiency fixtures?

We take plumbing efficiency seriously and are always looking for ways to help our customers conserve water, use less energy, and enjoy limited interruption to their plumbing system. Our team can recommend the latest in high efficiency fixtures, including low-flow toilets and faucets. The bathroom fixture market is awash in new and innovative products, and we can help narrow your choices down to those that fit your needs and budget.

Some of the brands we carry include Moen, Delta, Toto, Gerber, and Kohler.

Why hire us?

Working on your bathroom’s plumbing system means turning the water off at the main, which is a major inconvenience for most households. We will plan the work to make sure the water shut-off is kept to a minimum, making the whole remodel process easier on everyone.

Our professional remodeling and renovation services are up to date with local codes and regulations. If needed, we will facilitate obtaining permits and passing inspections. We have access to suppliers that do not deal directly with the retail customer.

You can rely on us to provide updates throughout the whole project. We will answer any of your questions and keep you updated on the progress so there are no surprises in the end.

Have you decided to remodel or renovate your bathroom? Work with the Chicago plumbing experts at Captain Rooter We guarantee transparency in all of our work, and you will always know what to expect before the project is done. Call us today at (773) 840-7800 to request a free estimate.