Chicago Commercial Plumbing Services

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Commercial Plumbing Services Chicago, IL

Need plumbing help but don’t want to slow down any more business? Captain Rooter understands. We are your local Chicago commercial plumbers focused on delivering quick, efficient solutions to your toughest plumbing problems. Our team is dedicated to top notch customer service and making sure you are completely happy with the results. Click here to read what our customers are saying after working with us!

Have a plumbing emergency?

The last thing you need in your business is a burst pipe, overflowing toilet, or other plumbing emergency. When the unexpected occurs, make sure you have a go-to plumber in your network. Captain Rooter provides 24/7 emergency response, so you don’t have to wait until normal business hours to get your problem under control. This means the damage will be repaired much more quickly so you can get back to business as usual in no time.

If you have a burst pipe, which is one of the more common plumbing emergencies, you will need to shut off the water valve at the main. Once we arrive, we will be able to locate the exact source of the leak and get to work with repairs.

Need to clear a clogged sewer line?

Consider hydrojetting. This process is much more effective than traditional drain cleaning methods. We will inspect the sewer line with a camera to identify the blockage before starting the cleaning process.

Hydrojetting blasts away all debris in your pipe line, including sludge, grease, and tree roots that have been accumulating over time. This process is safe on the pipes as well as the environment, as only water is used. Hydrojetting is one of the most effective ways to keep your sewer line cleaner for longer.

Contact us for immediate hydrojetting services to remove the most stubborn clogs from your sewer line and avoid emergencies down the road.

If hydrojetting does not solve the problem with your sewer line and there is greater damage, call us for an inspection. You may need to repair the pipes. This is particularly the case if you notice puddles on the ground above the sewer line; this signals a leak.

You want to keep your building in good condition. Make sure you work with a plumber you can trust to handle emergencies as well as a full range of repairs and replacements.

Don’t risk any more downtime in your business. Leave your plumbing problems to us. Captain Rooter provides plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance suited to fit your needs and your budget. Call now at (773) 840-7800 and ask for your free estimate.