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Call the Elmhurst plumbers who stick by affordable rates and quality workmanship. Captain Rooter is available 24/7 for emergency services. Contact us now at (773) 840-7800. Click here for coupons and specials.

Plumbing Services Elmhurst, IL

Facing a tough plumbing problem? That’s just one part of the issue. You now have to find a reputable service contractor who will solve the problem without leaving a hole in your wallet. Don’t waste time searching all over the place. Just ask your neighbors! They’ve trusted Captain Rooter since 1998. Read their reviews here and see why we’re your premier Elmhurst plumbers.

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Why is your drain clogged again?

You may have thought that last attempt with the plunger had done the trick and fixed the clog. But now the problem is back, and you’re out of solutions. The most effective way to eliminate clogs is to remove it completely. Plungers simply push the problem farther into the drain pipe. Call your professional plumber to eliminate the clog entirely. We have the tools needed to get the job done without harming the drain pipe.

A clean drain that becomes a worry-free convenience can be achieved through regular maintenance. Drain pipes have a natural tendency to clog and back up. When you consider the numerous types of viscous debris that hug drain pipes like a glove, regular maintenance becomes a welcome service. Drain traps tolerate this clingy debris until the internal walls of the pipes become too thick with sludge to allow free water flow.

Regular drain cleaning reduces risk of clogging and keeps your drains healthy for the long run.

Looking for emergency plumbers?

Our team is on call to arrive at your property ASAP. You will never be left waiting when you need help the most. Nothing is worse than an overflowing toilet in the middle of the night, or a burst water heater tank when you least expect it. Just give us a call and we will be at your door in no time.

Need professional water heater repair or installation?

Your baths, showers, dishwashers, and laundry machines rely heavily on water heaters to complete your chores. Most water heaters manufactured today are sold in a variety of gallon sizes. It's important to consult with your plumber to determine the right size for your home. We also advise you on the most energy efficient models.

Does your current water heater need repair? Units are vulnerable to wear and tear over time due to tank corrosion, broken heating elements, and other factors. In most cases the problem can be repaired. Contact us for an inspection. We will determine the source of the problem and discuss your repair options. We only recommend the most cost efficient solutions to save you money in the long run.

How do you know if your water heater needs professional inspection?

  • Inconsistent water temperatures
  • Lack of hot water
  • Rust appearing in your water supply
  • Leaking tank

To avoid major problems, consider annual water heater maintenance. We will check all vital components and flush the tank of sediment and minerals. If any potential problems are identified, we will handle it on the spot to help you avoid further problems down the road.

Our services comply with all local safety codes and ensure your water heater enjoys an extended service life. This means greater peace of mind for you for many years to come.


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