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Flood Control Services Chicago, IL

Do you have a flood control system in your home? Looking to install one to keep your basement dry? We can help! Captain Rooter is your local Chicago flood control expert. Click here to read our latest customer reviews.

Are you planning to install a toilet in your basement?

Whether you’re adding a toilet, washing machine, sink, or other plumbing fixture in your basement, you will need a sewage ejector pump. These devices are necessary when a plumbing fixture of any kind is installed below the main sewer line grade.

Normally, gravity would pull your home's sewage into the city's line. However, when gravity can't work in your favor, a sewage ejector pump can bridge the gap. Now you can add that extra bathroom, laundry machine, or extra sink in your basement without worrying about flooding.

When you work with Captain Rooter we will discuss the sewage ejector pump installation with you before any work begins so you know what to expect. We will let you know of the applicable city codes and apply for any necessary permits to make sure your new sewage ejector pump is installed according to local code.

Do you need a backwater valve?

All it takes is one sewer backup before homeowners become sold on backwater valves. There are a few different brands available, and each one uses a different mechanism, but the point of all backwater valves is the same: to prevent sewage from backing up in your property.

During heavy rainfall or a flood, the city's water system can quickly become overwhelmed. While city planners try their best to prevent this, they cannot predict the future. When a major storm floods the city’s sewer system, excess water will take the path of least resistance. Without a backwater valve, the path of least resistance is likely into your home.

Don't let the next rainstorm ruin your day. Call us now to find out which backwater valve is best for your home.

How can you best prepare for flood problems?

While we are always ready to help our customers during an emergency, we would rather help you prevent one in the first place.

Prevent freezing pipes:

During the winter, water inside your pipes can freeze. When the pressure eventually builds you will be left with a burst pipe. Basements are particularly prone to this problem because that is where we often leave out insulation. To prevent major water damage, make sure any exposed pipes are properly insulated.

Another way to avoid frozen and burst pipes is to properly winterize your home. Turn off your main water line, turn off and drain your water heater, as well as drain all of your water supply systems (water softeners, filtration systems, etc.). If you need help winterizing your home, call us for help and we will make sure your property gets through the winter without any problems.

Keep sewer line clear:

Over time your sewer line will need to be cleared out. Save on costly repairs to damaged sewer lines by paying attention to the warning signs of a clogged line. If you notice multiple clogged drains in your home, drains backing up, or if one drain gurgles when another is used, give us a call. We will inspect your sewer line and repair it to ensure the problem does not affect other areas of your home, including your basement.

Get a free estimate on your next flood control service. Prepare your home for the unexpected and call Captain Rooter at (773) 840-7800. Quality flood control solutions for year-round safety!