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Your plumbing problem could be a minor issue or a major disaster, but we treat all of them  with the same urgency and quality of service. From faucet replacements to sewer line repairs, every plumbing problem requires the right solution. All of our services are tailored to meet your needs so you can enjoy greater peace of mind. Click here to see why we continue to be your preferred Melrose Park plumber.

  • We say 24/7 emergency service and we mean it
  • Advanced flood control solutions
  • Eco-friendly plumbing upgrades that cut costs
  • Received Outstanding Service Award 2013 based on customer surveys
  • Awarded Best Value Plumbing 2012-2013 for affordable rates and reliable service

Clogged drain? Get professional cleaning solutions!

Drains are vulnerable to clogging over time. Large foreign objects can enter the drain by accident, or smaller pieces of debris can accumulate along the pipe walls. This accumulation of debris can develop to a significant size until the flow of water is slowed or halted altogether.

Professional drain cleaning services from Captain Rooter provide safe, effective clog removal. Our drain cleaning methods do not harm your pipes. Instead, we get to the source of the blockage and make sure it is completely removed. This allows your drain line to stay clog-free for longer.

Need an emergency plumber?

We provide emergency service for problems such as burst pipes, overflowing toilets, backed up sewer lines, and burst water heater tanks. If the problem is threatening to flood your home with water or waste, contact us for immediate help. We are on call 24/7 to respond to your request, which will always be greeted with a live answer. An experienced plumber is then sent to your home within an hour of your call. You will never be left waiting for service to arrive, not when you need it the most. We promise fast emergency response times and will repair the problem as efficiently as possible so you can return to your normal routine.

Looking to improve your flood control system?

Whether you are adding a new flood control system to your basement or are looking to upgrade an older system, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in effective flood control solutions that include installing sewage ejector pumps.

Flood control systems are especially important if you have areas of the home below the main sewer line. A sewage ejector pump helps push waste more efficiently through the line. This minimizes risk of back up and sluggish plumbing that can lead to flooding in your basement, laundry room, or other low lying area of the home.


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Joseph K.

Power Rod men's bathroom at the lucky goat bar and gaming

Near 25th Ave, Melrose Park, IL 60160
Melrose Park, IL - Power Rod men's bathroom at the lucky goat bar and gaming
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Jesse A.

Sewer Repair

Near N 11th Ave, Melrose Park, IL 60160
Melrose Park, IL - Sewer Repair
Jesse A.

Jesse A.

Pull toilet and Rod sewer

Near Dickens Ave, Melrose Park, IL 60164
Melrose Park, IL - Pull toilet and Rod sewer
Jesse A.

Jesse A.

Rod and camera sewer line

Near Dickens Ave, Melrose Park, IL 60164
Melrose Park, IL - Rod and camera sewer line
Jesse A.

Jesse A.

Hydro jet and camera sewer line in melrose Park

Near Iowa St, Melrose Park, IL 60160
Melrose Park, IL - Hydro jet and camera sewer line in melrose Park

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