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Should you repair or repipe?

There are three main aspects that determine if you need new pipes:

  • What kind of problem are you dealing with? If it is a major issue, replacing the affected pipes may be the best solution.
  • How old is the pipe system? The older the pipes, the more likely they are to need replacement.
  • How much of the pipe system is affected? If the majority of the pipes are having problems, you may need to consider repiping.

Contact us for an inspection, and we will evaluate your pipes to see if repiping is the most cost-effective solution.

What are signs you need to replace your pipes?

Below are some of the more common signs you need to repipe your home. However, keep in mind that you will still need a professional evaluation to know for certain if repiping is the right way to go.

Low water pressure: If water pressure at your home is decreasing or is halted from time to time, you may need to consider repiping. What’s causing the water pressure problem may eventually result in burst pipes.

Rust in water: If your water looks discolored or you notice rust in it, there is likely rust in the pipes.

Leaking pipes: This may signal corroded pipes and will often require repiping to solve the problem.

Galvanized steel pipes: If you have an older home, you may have galvanized steel pipes. This material is prone to corrosion and will create problems in your plumbing structure if not replaced.

Should you install copper or PEX material?

Repiping your home means several materials to choose from. Two of the more common pipe materials include copper and PEX, each with its own benefits.

Copper is a soft metal and easy to work with. It is often joined together in a process known as sweating, which creates an airtight seal. Copper also holds energy better. This is important because, when warm water heats the pipes, it will keep the water warmer for longer. Copper pipes are known for their reliability, durability (50-year warranty), and ability to withstand extreme conditions (including freezing weather).

PEX pipes are another popular choice among homeowners. They are budget friendly and high quality. PEX pipes are flexible during installation and make it easy to plan the layout of your plumbing system before the repiping process. These types of pipes are also resistant to corrosion. This is especially important in areas with high acidity levels in the water.

Which material is best for your property? It will depend on individual homes and your particular needs. Captain Rooter is here to help you come to the best decision.

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