Chicago Shower & Tub Installation & Repair

Need a new shower or tub? Call Captain Rooter at (773) 840-7800 for fast installations at a great value. Your Chicago shower and tub installation and repair experts since 1998! Click here to take advantage of our latest web specials and you could save up to $75 on your next plumbing service.

Shower and Tub Services in Chicago, IL

Looking to remodel or renovate your bathroom? Need to replace or upgrade your shower or tub? Look no further than Captain Rooter. We are your Chicago shower and tub installation and repair team. You will always receive an upfront estimate and a detailed discussion of what we plan to do with the project. Want to see what your neighbors are saying about their experience with us? Click here to read our customer reviews.

What are signs you need to replace your shower or tub?

  • Is the basin of your tub or shower cracked or damaged?
  • Is the unit looking worn, potentially detracting from the value of your home?
  • Do you need to add more features to accommodate those with physical disabilities?

These are all signs it’s time to consider a shower or tub upgrade. Call us today for fast, quality results.

Looking for high efficiency units?

In addition to providing tub or shower replacement services, we can also help you update your faucets and shower heads. You may want to replace these fixtures during a home remodeling project, or because they have become damaged.

When you make an upgrade, you can choose from several high efficiency models. This means the shower head or faucet is able to send out a powerful stream of water with a low-flow design to help you save water. These features are available in a wide range of styles, including hand-held and rainfall-style shower heads.

Contact us for help choosing the right fixture to add to your shower or tub upgrade.

Need to install additional features for greater mobility?

If you have household members who require an upgraded shower or tub area, we can help. For example, if the individual has trouble stepping into the bathtub, we can replace the tub and install a walk-in shower feature. We can also install handrails, bench seating, and hand-held shower heads.

Our plumbers will relocate shower heads and knobs for your convenience. Altogether, greater mobility features can be installed that can make it easier and safer for you or a loved one to bathe at home.

We make sure the project complies with local code and regulations. At Captain Rooter, we strive to exceed your expectations no matter the plumbing problem. Call today at (773) 840-7800 for your free estimate.